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Arts and Media

Encore Programs


All students engage in ART CLASSES 45 minutes per week, developing their sense of and ability to use color, space, line, shape, form, and value through investigation of cultural and historical artworks as well as through the creation of original work.  Core Knowledge objectives for science, social studies and mathematics are integrated into the students’ art units, building upon and rounding out their classroom studies. For example, first graders use rulers to draw cities made of basic geometric shapes, while 4th graders use those same rulers to extend their previous learning and incorporate understanding of perpendicular and parallel, adding 3-point perspective to their own cityscapes. 4th graders also build gargoyles out of clay and create rose windows to connect to their study of the middle ages. 2nd graders investigate animal adaptations in three dimensions by forming bugs out of clay. 5th graders work with patterns and geometry in creating tessellation and reflection artworks. Student art is displayed throughout the school in frames and in display cases that are changed quarterly to showcase their artistic achievement.


Students participate in MUSIC CLASSES 45 minutes per week, exploring pitch, beat, rhythm, and form through singing songs, playing Orff instruments, recorders, and dancing.   In kindergarten, students are building basic music skills and vocabulary, while 5th graders are exploring composition of original pieces. Core Knowledge objectives for music include folk songs and patriotic songs. Students have multiple opportunities for performance throughout their K-5 experience.  For example, students in 1st grade create and perform folktales, 3rd and 4th grade students perform patriotic songs, the former at our annual Memorial Day assembly and the latter at our annual Veteran’s Day assembly.  Students at ALL grade levels have the opportunity to perform at our annual winter concert for LCTA families as they learn about the cultures and traditions of others. In 4th and 5th grade, students are afforded the opportunity to participate in band and orchestra classes, meeting weekly to build their instrument specific skills culminating in a spring concert evening performance for the community.

Physical Education

LCTA students participate in PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE) classes twice a week for 45 minutes each time. In PE, students develop their ability and understanding in the five essential strands: motor skills, anatomical basis of movement, fitness planning, social development, and energy balance. Students engage in small group cooperative and whole group competitive games, both indoor and outdoor. Students track their fitness and set fitness goals for themselves. Core Knowledge curriculum is also integrated into PE classes, where students learn specific vocabulary and content related to human body systems (e.g. circulatory, respiratory), making explicit connections between their physical education activities and their CK science objectives. Additional math, science, and social studies integration is supported through classroom structures such as the “walk and talk” where students warm up or cool down while discussing a targeted essential question (e.g. list your factors of 24 or discuss the reasons for English colonization in North America), and through physical games and activities that teach the PE objective while supporting the development of content vocabulary and knowledge.


The LIBRARY PROGRAM at LCTA is working to create information literate students who have the 21st century skills necessary for success in our technologically advanced society. Students participate in library classes once a week for 45 minutes, learning to use the library and its resources for research, honing computer skills necessary for research and collaborative learning, and developing an appreciation for classic and current literature. 1st grade students investigate new picture books and award their own LCTA Caldecott award! In addition, Core Knowledge social studies objectives are integrated into weekly library lessons. For example, 2nd and 3rd graders study Greek myths, 4th graders study ancient China, and 5th graders study early Russian and Japanese societies. These lessons support classroom instruction and help the students develop cultural awareness and appreciation through multicultural stories and exploring history. In addition, our librarian supports the student learning outside of the weekly 45 minutes by pushing into classrooms to support students and classroom teachers on specific research and technology integration projects.

Music Programs

Band and orchestra programs are available to students in grades three through five after school.

Music Performances

Students in all grade levels participate in musical performances throughout the year. Some of the musical programs performed include:

  • Winter Holiday Concert
  • Veterans Day Program
  • Animal Benefit Concert
  • Memorial Day Concert

Lyles-Crouch After School Theater (LCAST)

LCAST is an after-school music program designed for students who wish to perform in a musical or a play at Lyles-Crouch. Students learn how to read a script, memorize parts, prep costumes, make props, and learn choreography.